“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the LORD.”
(Romans 12:11, NIV) 

Zeal is simply another word for passion. Sadly, too many people today have lost their passion and enthusiasm for life. At one time, they were excited about their dreams and woke up every day with purpose and passion. But now, because time has passed and they’ve experienced disappointments, they’re not as excited about those dreams anymore. They’ve lost their fire.

Today know that God wants you to live with passion! You weren’t meant to live a stagnant, ordinary life. You serve an extraordinary God, and you are called to be a reflection of Him.

The truth is, most of life can be very routine. We have to work to keep things fresh. We have to put forth effort to stay passionate about our jobs, relationships and our walk with the Lord. Every day we need to stir ourselves up. Just like the apostle Paul told Timothy, we have to fan the flame! In other words, don’t let the fire go out. Stay passionate about your life and the dreams God has placed on the inside of you!

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