“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”
(Isaiah 26:3, NKJV) 

Do you need peace in your life today? Are you feeling frustrated, hopeless or like things are beyond your control? The first question to ask yourself is, “What do I have my mind set on? What am I thinking about?” If you are focused solely on your circumstances or how impossible everything is, it’s going to affect your peace level. But when you keep your mind stayed on God and what He can do in your life, when you get your mind going in the right direction, then you are setting yourself up for peace.

You may be going through difficulty today; you may be in overwhelming circumstances in your life; however, God still promises you peace in the midst of the storm. He promises that He will preserve you when you call on Him. Choose to keep your mind focused on the Father. Be empowered by meditating on His Word. Find peace today by putting your trust and hope in Him.

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